Choice Bulb Farms

CUtFlower Plant list

The dates in the first column are the average dates of start of flowering of these items over the last 5 years.
Actual dates will vary each year somewhat . Check in the section; news for updates.

When What How
4/20Erythronium Pagoda w leaves bu&
4/5Frittelaria Assyriaca(uva vupis)10
4/10Muscari Latifolia w.leaves10
4/23french tulips various10
4/30muscari Saphire10
4/28Allium Cowanii10
5/1 Ornithogalum umbellatum  10
5/1Lily of the Valley w leaves10
5/4Scilla (bluebell/also pink&white)10
5/5Allium Jesdianum5
5/12Allium Purple Sensation5
5/9Allium Pink Giant (Stipitatum)5
5/13Allium White Giant(stip.Album)5
5/8Eremurus Himalaicus (white)1
5/12Eremurus Robustus (pink)1
5/8Eremurus Himrob (light pink)1
5/13Allium Gladiator5
5/17Allium Sicilum5
5/20Allium Globemaster3
5/20Allium Mt.Everest5
5/19Allium Hirtofolium5
5/25Allium Schubertii5
5/26Allium Christophii5
5/27Allium Mars 5
5/25Eremurus Ruyter hybr. 1
6/2Eremurus Shellford hybr. 1
6/3Brodiaea Hyacinthina10
5/27Allium Multibulbosum5
6/3Allium Firmament5
6/16Brodiaea Corona10
6/26Brodiaea Californica1-
6/3Brodiaea Ida Maija10
6/2Allium Atropurpureum5
6/3Brodiaea Congesta10
6/3Allium Moly10
5/28Allium Elatum5
6/20Allium Hair10
7/13Allium Drumstick (bulletonion) 10
7/30Ornithogalum Saundersiae 5
9/4Aconitum Arendsii 1

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