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Flowering Bulbs


We now have a list of flowering bulbs. For retail sales, we will be at the University District Farmers Market (50th and University Way) in Seattle on Saturdays and Ballard Farmers Market on Sundays starting on September 14 till October 20.


The prices below are for qualified wholesalers only (you have to have a Reseller's Certificate or equivalent). Prices are off-farm. Our minimum order is $500. Orders should be in round numbers with a minimum of 100. We do not charge for packing or handling and shipment is via UPS Ground. We will prepay the shipping and bill you for the freight with the info from UPS. We collect up front for around the minimum order requirement. Over the minimum, we require a deposit of 50% of the order total and half within 30 days after shipment. Because we are at the mercy of weather conditions, availability may change without prior notice. Please email or call beforehand to confirm availability. We will return the unused portion of your deposit should part of your order be unavailable. We usually start shipping in September through usually well into November. We are not responsible for weather damage of your shipment. Timely ordering is essential.

Please note that on any promotional offers that we may have, the limit is one offer per customer.

2013 Bulb Prices (per 100)
Allium Mars $ 120
Allium Mount Everest $ 120
Allium Globemaster $ 300
Allium Firmament $ 100
Allium Gladiator $ 100
Allium Hirtofolium $ 100
Allium Stipitatum $ 100
Allium Stipitatum album $ 100
Allium Cowanii $ 40
Allium Unifolium $ 40
Brodiaea Corona $ 40
Brodiaea Hyacinthina $ 40
Brodiaea Congesta $ 150
Brodiaea Ida Maja $ 75
Brodiaea Pink Diamond $ 75
Erythronium (dogtooth violet) "Pagoda" $ 60
Erythronium Tuolemnense $ 300
Camassia Leichtlinii $75
Camassia Cusickii NA
Camassia Cusickii alba $ NA
Camassia Cusickii alba flore pleno $ NA
Scilla Hispanica (Hyacinthoides new name) Excelsior (blue) $ 40
Scilla Dainty maid (dark pink) $ 40
Scilla Rosa bella (light pink) $ 40
Scilla White city $ 40
Eremurus Himalaicus ( white early ) $ 250
Eremurus Himrob ( light pink early ) $ 250
Eremurus Robustus ( clear pink enormous) $ 400
Eremurus Ruyter hybrids mixed vars my choice $ 150
Eremurus Ruyter by color (salmon/apricot/lime/pink/white / cream $ 175
Eremurus "Cleopatra", nice orange, very prolific $ 200
Eremurus "Shellford Hybrids " ( orange/copper tones late) $ 150
Eremurus "olgae". very light yellow, good grower. late $ 150
Colchicum NA
Lily of the valley pips not graded ( planting and flowering pips) NA

Sample Packages (varieties to be determined once harvest is in):

Package 1: 3 varieties large alliums (15 ea.)
3 varieties small alliums (50 ea.)
3 varieties brodiaea (50 ea.)
3 varities scilla (20 ea.)
25 erythronium “Pagoda”
10 Camassia Leichlinii
30 Camassia Quamash
$ 220 plus shipping
Eremurus sample package, 5 each of all varieties, a total of 60 tubers $ 120 plus shipping

Note: We want you to try some of these at little risk to you under your conditions. However, depending on our harvest quantities, we reserve the right to substitute varieties with comparable ones.

  • Contact Jan directly
  • 18412 Beaver Marsh Road
    Mount Vernon, WA 98273
    Phone/Fax: (360) 424 4685