Choice Bulb Farms


Our main business is supplying the professional cut flower trade with product. Please see our Cut Flowers schedule.
Our prices are in the general range of $3/bu  to $3/stem depending on variety. See schedule.

In order to be able to stay at a manageable size, we have made a few changes.
We sell bulbs of all that we grow with some limitations. We only dig and sell what has been ordered by June 1 of the current year. We ship from September 1 on. If we see little demand for a product we  just leave that for another year. Sometimes, things have to be moved on rotation. Not everything we grow is listed. There are quite a few small or newer products that we are trying, every year we buy things that we think may have a future
Sometimes we are right.

About Us

Dear potential flower customer,
I am always curious as to who is this person beside just a voice on the phone. I finally found a picture of both of us in which we both look fairly good, so here is a picture of the team which makes up Choice Bulb Farms.

About our company We are a small bulb and flower grower located in the fertile Skagit Valley in Washington state. The Skagit Valley is about 60 miles north of Seattle. We are a family business in the old fashioned sense.   I am a fourth generation bulb grower. I grew up and learned the trade in Holland. I met and married my wife in Finland, her birthplace. We immigrated here to the U.S. in 1973. We established Choice Bulb in 1984 and have now been operating successfully for over 20 years.